This witty allegory will teach you
how to abide in
Christ, the Vine, from a PLANT'S point of view!

Have fun as you learn how to actually abide in the Vine!

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In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us that He is the Vine and His Father is the Gardener. He explains that His followers are the branches and need to remain in the Vine and bear much fruit. What did Jesus mean by that?

Enter into the fantasy world of Plantasia™ where plants come alive!

See what happens when a spindly rose, who yearns to be more than she is, meets the Master Gardener. Listen in on the conversations she has with the Gardener, Mighty Oak, Ginni (the Obedient Plant), and Mr. Bugleweed. Learn with her as she discovers the secrets of how to abide in the Vine and experience true riches.

"The Master’s Garden is a charming allegory that touches on the struggles we all face as we learn to depend on God." ~Rick Hocker, award-winning author of Four in the Garden

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